Open Make Space

Affordable, flexible space for makers and fixers in Frome who want to work on their projects in a shared workshop.

Events and classes

Drop-in sessions, workshops and classes run by the Remakery, Welsh Mill Hub or partner organisations.

Share your skills

Run your own classes or workshops and get help with promotion and getting started.


What it is

A shared workshop equipped with tools to enable making, fixing and up-cycling in Frome. People can use it for their hobbies, projects or to incubate a making business. Our vision is bring people together to inspire each other, repair more and enjoy making.

How it works

Members can drop in anytime between 3-8pm Monday to Friday, and in the morning whenever there is no workshop or class running. The cost is £15 a year plus £3 each time you drop in (concessions available). Interested in a free trial session and find out more? Email [email protected]


Frome Men Shed - Every Thursday

The Frome Men’s Shed offers a workspace where older people can work on practical projects with others. They make and mend things together, work on their own projects and use their skills for the benefit of the community. If you are interested in joining the Men Shed and their sessions, please visit their website.

Make Days - Every Friday

For young people 18-25 years old who are interested in learning basic wood-work skills and working on their own projects. If you want to join a session please email [email protected]


Do you want to run a practical workshop, class or event at the Remakery?

We want to support makers, artists and repairers to share their skills. We can help by providing help with marketing, organising your event, and taking a percentage of your profits rather than charging a fixed hourly workshop fee to reduce the risk for you.